Abdominal Massage


If you often have that “knot in the gut” feeling that is associated with stress and anxiety, abdominal massage may help to relieve some of your uncomfortable symptoms. Abdominal massage is concentrated on the stomach, small and large intestines, and the muscles surrounding these organs. According to health experts, abdominal massage has many healthful benefits, including helping you to unwind.


• Alleviates gas and digestive discomfort
• Alleviates painful periods and ovulation
• Helps correct irregular menstrual cycles and ease symptoms of PMS and Endometriosis
• The heat produced from the massage can melt adipose tissue or fat
• Releases emotional tension
• Releases the fascia so that organs and muscles can lay unrestricted in their natural positions
• Strengthens underlying muscle tissue
• Aids in the processes nutrient absorption
• Stimulates the liver, gall bladder and pancreas allowing the release of metabolic waste products
• Decreases the overall feeling of stress by helping you enter a state of relaxation
• Increases blood and oxygen flow to help improve organ function
• Helps release and removal of waste products
• Benefits the blood vessels of the entire abdominal cavity.
• Strengthens weak and relaxed abdominal muscles
• Releases deep muscle spasms
• Promotes internal heat and breaks down adhesions or scar tissue

*Before your abdominal massage, you should empty your bladder. Not only will it but it can aid your colon in moving waste through your system to alleviate issues with constipation.

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